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Thursday, October 29th
(from 7 to 22 pm)
the exhibition will run from 30/10 until 19/12


at De Directeurswoning

The Gods Must Be Crazy – Part Photography

Jan Kempenaers, Emmeline de Mooij, Katrin Kamrau, David Debeyter, Dries Segers, Thomas Min, Ria Pacquée, Ode de Kort, Patrick Carpentier, Liesbet Grupping, Sarah Van Marcke

19/11/2015 tot 09/01/2016

Photography has always been a quit technical issue. A process of chemistry, physics, optics... A tool to reproduce reality through documentary, portrait, landscape… And in the fringes, around 1900, artists started bending the techniques in function of a more liberal expression. Unconventional manipulations blurred the boundary between the medium of photography and other art forms such as painting and graphics.

Today, the vast majority of photography is still applied and – in a way - classic: journalism, advertising, fashion. It still uses established codes. And in the margin there is still a very active group of artists who cross the borders of the medium, breaking the codes. Like a burr under the saddle of the medium some photographers search for a new language to formulate a message that meets contemporary perceptions.

image: Thomas Min, Untitled, 2015